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Leave Request Tip
Having problems with supervisors or staff losing your leave request forms? Here's a tip to let you know when your boss receives your request, without having to actually take it to the post office to use certified mail (and save you having to keep extra copies, too):

First, go to the OPM web site, and create your leave request using their screen-fillable format at http://www.opm.gov/forms/pdf_fill/opm71.pdf. You can use the tab key to move to all the spots where you could make entries.

When done, use the File pulldown at the top left of your browser screen, and select Print. First print a regular hardcopy, since you still need to sign your name by the old-fashioned manual process, as usual, and give that copy to your supervisor.

Then, use File and Print again, but this time click the box next to the "Print to File" option. The screen will respond with a request for a filename. Your screen may display either just an empty box, or it could display a navigation box that lets you click the directory structure to put the file where you want it. If it's an empty box, the quickest method is to type in "c:\opm71-(fill in the date that your leave is to begin).ps"
This should look something like c:\opm71-20030707.ps (if, say, you wanted a long 4th of July weekend.

This will put your "printed" file in postscript format, on the pc's hard disk. Postscript print files can be viewed on the computer using the Ghostview program, or printed again by your supervisor if your signed hardcopy is lost.

You can mail this postscript file as an attachment, with a "return receipt" requested as a Delivery Option on the mailing, so you have a record that you did make the request.

And, of course, if you need it again, just print another copy!

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