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Shuttle Situation Report
Since being notified by the City that the commuter shuttle to our office will discontinue operations on July 1, Local 1981 has taken the lead in developing alternatives.

Options under consideration:
  1. Van pool - Linda Mitchell of Enterprise Ride Share gave an overview of their program during the RO staff meeting. Lance Taylor has additional printed information packets for anyone interested in organizing a van pool, and their web site, particularly the information for drivers also provides helpful tools.

    An organizing meeting is scheduled for June 9, at 12 noon, in the Chaparral North conference room. If interested drivers haven't formed their van pools by then, please stop by, and we'll do what we can to help! Linda Mitchell will be there, and is also available to van pool organizers at (510) 877-5471.

  2. Voluntary rider pickup - This is still being pursued as a fallback in case a permanent solution is not operational by June 30. A Security Plan has been developed to ensure both riders and drivers are able to arrive at their destinations safely. Please think about it, and feedback to Candace.

  3. Funding options - A lobbying letter was sent to George Miller's office requesting legislation to waive the regulation that prohibits use of agency funds for commute needs. Many shuttle riders have also drafted their own letters. Additional group letters to representatives are now online, to be followed by letters to Senators.

  4. Candace drafted a MOU to allow current shuttle riders to telecommute full-time until public transportation access is implemented.

Touro is still considering alternatives of it's own, but no decisions have been made. Touro riders appear to have found other alternatives already

Other options previously discussed have been put ont he back burner due to time.

All shuttle riders are welcome to attend the June 10 Union Brown Bag Lunch meeting, in the 2 South "Chaparral North" conference room, at 12 noon. Additional plans in early stage of discussion will be unveiled.

Be there!

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